Artist Statement

My focus on geometric art comes from my early engineering training and the focus on mathematical studies. However, my interest now is more aesthetic in nature. I'm obsessed with the appearance of straight lines, hard edges, balanced and disruptive geometric shapes, and the visual impact of adding color to such geometric combinations.  The composition of geometric art is a constant study for me to achieve beauty but also to find ways to focus the viewer's vision on certain aspects of the painting.  I have always loved and appreciated all things retro and vintage, and hence my palette tends to give a nod to mid century aesthetics, particularly in my work on natural linen/canvas. However, my time as a resident of Miami Beach has also influenced my other work and brought out a love for both vivid colors and Art Deco. 

I have recently started exploring how to incorporate mechanical themes into my geometric art in a subtle way that shows movement or motion, but without the end result being industrial. I love the look of conveyers, technical systems, and pipework and love the challenge of turning them into beautiful geometric shapes. 

My art heroes include Frank Stella, Ilya Bolotowsky, Yaacov Agam, and Lorser Feitelson for their clean lined, choice of colors, and the beauty they bring out of simple shapes. 

Using Format